Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Storm water drainage:

Storm water drain gets attention only when rainwater guesses inside building. Almost every part of the road is generally neglected but the most neglected part is storm water drainage,
both in planning-construction and maintenance. I always prefer this should work as a road divider. A minimum 1 metre deep, 2 metre wide drain with RCC walls on both sides and raised to approximately 0.5 metre over the road would serve purpose of road divider and would be easy to maintain. In addition this could be used for various services like service cables and pipes. It can safely carry main electric cables, telephone cables, TV cable on one side and water and gas pipe lines on the other wall. Sewers can be laid below the drain. Service lines for cables and drinking water pipes for buildings can be provided using concrete pipes of suitable diameter. Sewage service line for buildings can cross the road underground. Cast iron pipes can be used for this distance to reduce maintenance of this line. Smaller lines may be provided under the footpath to avoid crossing road at shorter distance. These lines can be joined with main line at say every 500 metres or so. The only problem in this arrangement is space for trees. No trees can be planted in the road divider. Trees have to be organised on sides (service corridor).

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