Friday, 17 December 2010

Road Maintenance:

Even after taking all precautions road would need repairs due to other unexpected reasons. Wherever roads are constructed violating engineering norms first rain may make condition so bad that it would be impossible to recognise road. See all about roads here.
Virtually one may have to find road patches among potholes. Such a condition of road shall virtually stop traffic create traffic jams and increase avoidable accidents and unrest among citizens. In order to get over
this problem their must be an advance schedule and arrangements for road repairs. Meticulous record of road repairs should be maintained. This record would be useful in finding possible portion of road where repairs are expected and would help in speedy action.
Local bodies, state government and central government have responsibility of maintenance of roads used by public. They do have appropriate departments for this task. There is a need to organise repairs in the best manner and at the highest possible speed. Planning is not only important for developmental work but also for maintenance. These bodies should collect and maintain records, provide for material required for repairs, conclude contracts for ground work and execute repair work within a day when potholes are noticed.
Technical procedure followed for repairs matches with construction of new road. Efficient method of traffic diversion helps in reducing inconvenience to citizens. Temporary repairs may be needed where time available for repairs is short during a particular period. Pre-mix carpet may show immediate result but shall never be long lasting. Remember this carpet is only a water protection while serving as smooth surface for traffic. Water protection is needed for strong layers to avoid deterioration due to seepage water. Repairs should include various layers of road starting from formation. Repairs cannot be fully avoided but can be postponed indefinitely and carried out in speedy manner provided while construction engineering is not disrespected.

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