Thursday, 2 December 2010

Footpath for pedestrians:

Lavish Side Walk
Minimum Side Walk
Pedestrians get first priority on road. This is a worldwide accepted principle. However, in Bharat costliest car gets the first priority. It appears first claim for footpath goes from building owners to the god.
Misuse of Side Walk
Building owners use it as ramps and keeping gate open when needed, footpath dwellers use it as if that is their residence, footpath sellers use it as if it is their shop, fast food providers use it as if it is their restaurant and by so many others reaching up to the god. As if this encroachment is inadequate even auto rickshaws, cyclists, news paper sellers and others feel that the footpath is basically is for them. Parking of vehicles is gaining popularity. Overall position is footpaths are used by all except pedestrians. Pedestrians are forced to use road meant for vehicles. This needs a drastic change.

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