Sunday, 19 December 2010

Mahatma Gandhi's Ammunition Factory:

Mahatma Gandhi developed his ammunition based on Indian philosophy to fight the mighty English empire ruling almost the entire world during 19th and 20th century. He manufactured 3 basic weapons viz 'Protest', 'Non-cooperation', and 'Fasting'. This had been packaged In 'Satyagraha' i. e. demand for truth.

He protested against brutal British rule, firstly individually and then collectively. Indians supported him in his 'non-violence' struggle against British atrocities and brutal rule. When British Empire did not pay attention to the protests he distributed second Indian weapon i. e. non-cooperation. Every Indian was electrified due to this weapon system and contributed fully towards freedom struggle.
Gandhiji Fought against Torturous laws only
A large portion of credit to form an independent sovereign India on 15th Aug 1947 goes to Mahatma Gandhi's efforts in binding his followers together. Mahatma Gandhi created awareness and love for independence. Some feel that these weapons were useful against British Empire during a particular time and they are ineffective in present world. Basic human tendency is to gain with the least efforts and resources. It is very difficult to control human being without his/her consent. This consent may be voluntary or through force. It is nearly impossible to force people all the time. It may be possible for a short time though. Even terrorists follow this philosophy. They first teach a child how important is a particular aspect of life (religion) and then they use those children for creating terror. In present time they are successful in their aim and the entire world is living under this terror.
Indian politicians are following western politicians for Indian cause. This is the basic reason for failures, corruption and many other obstacles in making people happy.

Religion: Universal Brotherhood

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