Friday, 10 December 2010

Summary of Road Architecture:

Road is basically needed for smooth, reasonably fast and secure movement of traffic. In addition there are side uses of road. Many times side use gets importance and priority.
Road architectural design must take in to consideration all needs of people and plan every part of road with security in mind. While doing so it must be borne in mind that it is natural tendency to find short cuts. Road architecture should be such that this tendency is adequately chained with view to control people using this facility. While doing this care should be taken that the punishment is not harsh and it's progressive in nature. Such measures should not cause accidents and invite protest from users. People must be given facilities to use the road in easy manner if they follow rules. If some one tries to misuse then there should be punishment for such users.
Another aspect of facilities given to citizens is permission given for construction of buildings along the road. This aspect is not part of road architecture but is related for safe traffic. As on today only floor space index is the only criterion for giving permission for construction. Services required for buildings are never taken in to consideration. Existing road is an important service and it has a definite capacity. There may be some spare capacity available. However this cannot be unlimited. Hence, parking facilities and road capacity must be taken in to consideration while permitting construction (whether new or renewal) in the area covered by a road. This is true for other services like electricity, water, sewage, telephone, cable TV, street lights, storm water drainage, parking for visitors, fast food stalls, trees and alike. All these service affect road. Therefore, permission for construction of buildings must be given after due consideration of all services with major stress on road.
It is advisable  to prepare typical drawings of all parts of road. These drawings shall be useful in planning and constructing road in future. This shall ensure that every aspect of road is taken in to consideration. These drawing shall also help in undertaking repairs.

All architecture and engineering of Road for knowledge of common Man

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