Thursday, 24 February 2011

Religion: Universal Brotherhood

Indian philosophy considers that there is only 1 religion in the universe. Therefore, there is no need to name a religion. This aspect was brought out and preached by Swami Vivekananda. Swamiji believed that Indian philosophy states that religion has 2 parts. The first part is philosophy. Philosophy gives general outline and direction for behaviour of persons while they are working in a society. This part is universal and eternal. Swamiji stated that Indian name for this is “Vedanta” The second part is laws and rules for specific situation. This is named as “Smriti” Smriti is neither universal nor eternal. Minimum factors governing Smriti are place, time and society. Smriti guides people in society in respect of behaviour in society under different circumstances. Vedanta and Smriti form a religion. Therefore, it is incorrect to compare religions based on Smriti. On same analogy no religion can be superior or inferior to any other religion. This is understandable because Vedanta part, is exactly same to every religion. The name differs only because of Smriti. Smriti is neither universal nor eternal. It changes with time, place and society. Hence, understanding a person based on religion is wrong.

Purpose of religion is to join all members of a society in to a cohesive group, propagate brotherhood among members and ensure survival of society. I have a few articles on this written from time to time. I have just put these together here. These may be seen in the order given now and place your views against each of the topics or here. Thank you
मराठी  मध्ये येथे वाचा.
Universal Brotherhood
Deterioration of Religion and the God.
Are religious Books written by the God?
Is the God Kind? And fulfils wishes of the Devotees for Offerings.
Are Rules preached by Son of the god etc.? Are those universal and eternal?
Are places of worship essential?
Was Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj a Hindu King in Muslim India?
Mahatma Gandhi's Ammunition Factory:
Circumstances Make a Person:
Concept of the God:
How Shakti i.e. the God produces Effects:

How Human Beings should choose Karma?
How to Worship the God:
Was Lord Shree Krishna the God?
Barest minimum requirement for worship:
Why People Worship an Idol?
There is only One God in the Universe:
Information on some of the religions:
Incredible Man: Mahatma Gandhi:
Accounting Karma:
Are Christens and Muslims Idol Worshipers?
Does severe Punishment Discourage People to Commit Crime?:
Standardisation of Name System:

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