Monday, 29 November 2010

BRT Lane:

This lane is a must for public transport. Proper planning of this lane would give more than expected dividend. There may be situation that BRT is not required when the road is planned. However, in such a case land provision should be made.  A 12 metre wide road divider planted with shrubs, decorative trees etc. would ensure that this area would not be encroached by miscreants. When necessity of BRT corridor arises this can be executed by converting road divider in to BRT lanes.
Safety should be given highest importance and attention while planning BRT corridor/lanes. Fundamental problems are crossings and approaching bus stop by pedestrians (i.e. passengers of buses). While planning and executing this corridor there must be a flyover bridge for BRT corridor and semi underground passage for pedestrians. Further this corridor should be such that no other vehicle could enter in or leave out from this corridor except at terminus. Also a law could be passed that if any accident takes place BRT bus staff shall not be held responsible even if BRT bus dashes other vehicles not authorised to use this corridor.
With these provisions and implementation BRT shall not fail on account of safetry any where in the world.

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