Monday, 29 November 2010

Main Traffic Lanes:

There may be 1 or more traffic lane for general traffic. It is advisable to have at least 3 lanes near road crossings (Chowks). This shall help in dividing traffic moving in different direction i. e. Straight, left and right.
On less busy roads generally left turn is always open and the vehicles are required to check and take turn. However, in practice vehicles which need to turn to right wait on extreme left and bloc passage of vehicle which need to take left turn. Further when signal opens it may be only for forward and left side roads. In such case the road is blocked by vehicles which need to turn to right. Generally persons using road are blamed for this indiscipline. Blaming people is easy but this cannot solve problem. Proper architecture of road can solve this problem. Road should be designed such a manner that a person who wish to turn to right must get in right side lane. If that person chooses any other lane he/she should not be allowed to take a right turn at the crossing. He/she should be made to go to next crossing. Before reaching next crossing he/she should get in to right lane else he/she should not be allowed to take a right turn. This punishment is possible. People shall learn traffic rules and follow those else they shall be punished.
Wherever there are more than 1 lane, these can be reserved for different types of vehicles or speed as is needed for smooth, accident free traffic. Architecture must take in to consideration change of lane and make suitable provisions at desired locations. No vehicle should be allowed to change lanes as and when the driver wishes but only at places allowed by the authority.
Lane dividers, different levels of road, ramps at places where a vehicle would be allowed to change lane, signboards etc. should be used to control traffic. In short instead of blaming some one care should be taken for right control of traffic for speedy accident free vehicle transport.

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