Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Planning of Road

Once a decision is taken how road, roadside and space along the road should be used planning must take in to consideration all such use. In addition it must be ensured that people using road follow road discipline.
People can be fined for misuse of road or violating traffic rules. However, it is advisable to consider misuse of roads While planning and architecture should be such that people cannot violate rules. Architectural planning is important and has first priority. Architectural planning gives convenience, safety and controls traffic to reduce accidents to minimum. Construction and maintenance of roads give life to road, avoid accidents and increases traffic speed to avoid blockage.

Road consists of lanes for traffic, divider, footpath, trees, roadside storm water drains, lights, traffic control signals, notice boards, speed controllers and road signs. There are additional requirements like footpath vendors, trees, lavatories/urinals, spots for police controlling traffic and may be other local requirement based on needs of citizens using road. While planning road architect must collect all data and ensure that each of the inescapable needs of citizens are met. An architect must keep in mind the basic principle that road is for people and people are not for road.

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