Thursday, 4 November 2010

Propaganda for Candidates Contesting Election.

Immediately after finalising the list of candidates Election office should prepare a book giving information of candidates based on the bio-data submitted by the candidates. Election commission need not check correctness of information at this stage. However, the book shall be given to competent investigation government agency. If the information is found incorrect in predetermined major aspects in respect of a candidate, that candidate shall be declared as unfit to contest not only the present election, but all future elections in next 6 years. This provision is very important to ensure that the candidates submit correct information about their education, experience and achievements. The government should buy time for candidates for speaking on media like Akashvani, Doordarshan and local cable network too. Also the government should advertise in news papers informing public about availability of book and programme on media on day to day basis. The government should use even mobile networks to send sms to voters informing them about book and programme on various media.

For the purpose of direct contact with voters by the candidates the government should make arrangements for public speech by the candidates at suitable places. The government should make only arrangements and ensure law and order. Each of the candidates should be given equal time to speak. Candidates may on their own bring their presentation equipment for the speech. The government should provide electric connection and pay electricity bill. Programme of speeches also shall be advertised on Akashvani, Doordarshan, and using mobile phones (sms).

The government should make preparations for informing voters' booths for each and every voter using local daily news papers, mobile phones and hoardings. Each and every voter must know when, where he should reach for voting. Even postal services may be used by the government. This needs great care to be taken while preparing voters' list. If there is a mistake in preparation of voters' list the responsibility should be pinned down on a particular person and he/she must be taken to task. It may be necessary to pay equivalent amount of daily wage for a voter below poverty line for registering his/her name in voters' list. All persons above poverty line must be informed on mobile, telephone and using postal service to register themselves and help in including their respective name in the list. It is important that every person must be given correct information about place and time along with needed list of documentary proof for registering in the list. The responsibility of registration shall be that of the government and not of citizen. In case a citizen doesn't respond he/she shall be punished.

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