Friday, 5 November 2010

Process of Voting.for an Election

Procedure followed as of now is satisfactory. However, it should be improved while considering following aspects. Presently the government does not undertake responsibility for voting. The government considers itself  a ruler or controlling body. There is a need to revise this in view of Bhratiya democracy.
During olden days true kings considered governing a responsibility. The kingdom was always ruled on behalf of the god. King had been a representative of the god to safeguard interest of the people. During British rule this concept was changed as master and slave. Unfortunately after independence from the British rule the concept continues. The government considers people as slaves, not behaving properly, needs punishment to keep them on tract and in the similar manner. The government does not fulfil its responsibility towards encouraging voters to come out and vote. The government carries out many surveys and enlistments. However, there is no linking of these efforts. As an example separate process is adopted for registering birth of a child, death of a person, population survey, registering voters, issue of ration card and alike. There is no link among these surveys or registrations. Probably the new project for issuing unique identification of number to each of the citizens would fulfil the necessity of interrelation. However, while looking at the method followed so far there is a remote chance that this would succeed. The government must make a database of every citizen which would give complete information of every citizen. In order to achieve this responsibility to carry out this work should be 75% that of the government and 25% that of a citizen.

Registration must start from birth of a child and modified at every instance of a change. There should be an independent ministry to perform this task. All officers and employees in this ministry must be made responsible for discrepancies in the record. Issue of certificates needed by a citizen must be based on the information collected by the ministry. In case a ration card is to be issued concern office must get information from this ministry (i. e. website maintained by the ministry) and the case should be processed without asking a citizen to give different proof for different particulars. The same should be followed for preparation of voters' list.

Voters must be informed individually about date, time, place, booth number, contact number etc. Voter must be warned that he/she may loose citizenship of Bharat if he/she doesn't participate fully in voting. In case some citizen has genuine problem he/she should get suitable permission from election office in advance. In case of emergency the voter should inform through sms and produce supporting proof for reasons, why he/she could not vote. These reasons if found inadequate then citizenship of the person must be withdrawn and the person expelled out from Bharat. The government may make a rule for this however; it is doubtful whether it would take enough precautions to avoid such cases. This is based on previous experience of the government working. Glorious case is that of floor crossing of politicians. The government is happy that legislation is passed to avoid floor crossing. However, in practice this legislation didn't work. Floor crossing is more difficult but not impossible. Prize labels for horses were quoted recently around ` 25 crores (` 250 million). This could have been avoided and can be avoided even today by adopting a simple legislation to following effect:-
  1. This legislation shall be named as one of the eligibility criteria for contesting any election to any office in Bharat.
  2. This legislation shall be effective on and from date passing as per process specified in the constitution of Bharat.
  3. Whoever citizen of Bharat wish to contest any election must be faithful to a specific existing or newly established political party or to none of the parties existing or newly established for at least 6 years on date of filing his/her nomination.
  4. The exception for condition 3 above shall be citizens who have chosen specific faith before adopting this legislation and not changed on or after effective date of this legislation.

Responsibility of election propaganda must be undertaken by the government and ensure that voting is nearly 100% and always above 99%.

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