Friday, 5 November 2010

Counting of Votes and declaring Result.of an Election

Present system of collection of voting machines and counting need two modifications. Modern technology gives access to internet via satellite even in remote areas. Advantage of this facility should be taken.
Immediately after close of voting period the voting should be transferred to counting centre on internet and the machines should be sealed. Sealed machines should be transported to counting centre as in vogue now. On arrival of the voting machines, counting centre should check the data received on internet with the data stored in machines. This should be done using a software and not manually. If it matches exactly then the votes should be transferred to common pool for the constituency. After all data is transferred to common pool the result should be prepared and checked as done now. The change here is instead of declaring booth wise result it shall be declared constituency wise. Cases where data received through internet does not tally with data from machines re-poll for the specific voting centre should be organised. At the same time the reasons for difference should be investigated and if any person is found responsible he or she should be severely punished.

Declaration of result shall be after the entire numbers of votes are transferred to common pool.

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