Thursday, 18 November 2010

Why Roads?

People move from place to place for various reasons. They use different method of transport utilities. Road is needed for people who move on foot or a vehicle. Basic purpose of road is to control such traffic.
People use various utilities like shops, offices, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, fuel pumps, and so many other things like public lavatories, washing and alike. Such utilities are located by the side of a road. One may also say such utilities are joined by a road or any other means like railway line, helicopter etc. This article gives stress on road only.

Road is used by people to move from place to place. People on road look for easy availability of their necessity while moving on road. This attracts unexpected use of road (roadside space) like footpath sellers, fast food sellers etc. Although such use of road is not permitted in present setup it is very much a necessity of people. People buy so sellers sale. Therefore, such use of road also must be considered as basic inescapable necessity of people. Instead of controlling, punishing people using roadside space for such use they also should be accommodated in road planning. In short road is needed by people and it should serve all necessities of different people with the least obstacles.

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