Thursday, 25 November 2010

Road Divider

Road divider is needed basically for controlling traffic in opposite direction. However, there are a few more advantages. For taking 'U' turn, if adequate space is available vehicles can safely wait for clear road on opposite side and take opposite lane for going in opposite direction.
This is highly desirable for road safety and to avoid accidents (rather mishap). This area also can be useful for planting trees (which grow high and also spread on sides like banyan tree and shrubs. For laying of central services like big water and sewage pipe lines, Underground or overhead electrical cables or overhead lines, Locating transformers and distribution boxes this place would be ideal. While planning architecture for road divider all these (both present and future) inescapable necessities must be considered. A load carrying vehicle would need space of 7 metre long and about 3 metre wide. Ideal width of road divider would be approximately 10 metres. This would ensure that water-sewage-electrical lines are laid adequately apart to avoid accidental mixing or short circuits. A wide divider shall give a good space for landscaping, organising small meetings for educating public etc.

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