Thursday, 25 November 2010

Road Crossing (Chowk)

This is an important aspect of a road. Most of the accidents take place in this area. Architectural planning of chowk is highly important for speedy and accident free traffic.
Area of this part of the road should be as large as possible. However making big space alone for traffic shall not make it safe. It is necessary to streamline traffic. In order to achieve this full use of kerb walls, different levels for traffic in different direction, ramps for traffic in authorised direction and no ramp for traffic in wrong direction can fulfil the aim. A traffic island, wide area at all corners, speed reducers (speed breakers) etc. shall be useful. Wide use of cross-roads should go one above the other. It would prove useful and convenient to raise level of chowk to provide semi-underground road crossings for footpath users (people moving on foot). In case there is inescapable requirement for providing space for footpath sellers, the space should be in corners such that consumer doesn't obstruct traffic. Before planning is finalised it should be made open to public for registering modifications if local condition needs some change.

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