Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Accounting Karma:

Karma account is not for an individual karma. Whenever a person does some thing he/she thinks about many other things. May be some actions are simultaneous. Accounting is done for a group of karma including thinking.
Resultant force decides the effect. This is proved scientifically also. Thinking is the friction force. This may be in the direction or in opposite direction. I will tell a story to elaborate. Once there lived a king. He used to take care of citizens and all citizens loved him. He loved his citizens too. There was a man, a firewood collector in his kingdom. He was honest in his work and used to collect firewood from forest and used to ensure that sufficient firewood is supplied to king's kitchen. He also loved the king. However he always used to think that he must collect sufficient quantity of the best wood with the best smell for the cremation of the king when he dies. He observed that the king didn't like him. He was frustrated why the king should neglect him when he was honest, did his work sincerely and never hesitated to work even after sunset to provide adequate quantity to kitchen. He never failed in his duty. One day he approached a rishi (scholar) to find reason. The rishi thought for some time asked him how he thinks about the king and then told him the reason. Rishi told the firewood collector that he does karma in right way. However, his mind produces friction in the opposite direction. Therefore, the king doesn't like him.
Logic of the story is karma is not only the physical work but also mental thoughts. Effect produced is a combined effect of karma and not independent result for each karma.

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Jana said...

Surendra Singh Negi posted on my wall on face book as under:-
EXISTENCE OF GOD :- reference article on - Wise men theory, evolution of Religion and concept of God. Superficially your comments seem to be correct and very high level of critical and well intended projection. You are master of highly well developed mind with all the purity. We must change ourself first. Hum Badleinge....Jag badlega ! And it starts with change in quality of our thoughts. Thought is the biggest power and 100% effective. Law of Karma and Divine Laws are as accurate as ever and Eternal and do not change in different Places and Time ? Soul, Supreme soul and world Drama are Eternal and leave no question unanswered ! Rajyog meditation tells it very nicely and stands to all Scientific tests and Logic. With regards, Om Shanti

Thank you for appreciation. You have strength and power to appreciate others views. That is the foremost characteristic of a sadhu. Please read ather articles and correct me wherever needed.

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