Friday, 25 February 2011

Are Christens and Muslims Idol Worshipers?

Original concept had been to have a visible object to understand the god. Pastors for their selfish interests made people believe in that the idol itself is the god. Offerings to the god were channelised through these pastors. This did created problems and hence, scholars of religion took a different stand and banned worship of an idol.
Hence, Mohammad Paigambar preached against idol worship. However, people continued worshiping idols in some form or the other. There are many examples like worship in "Dargah", Kaaba in Mecca (, ), riots against pictures of the god and the Paigambar etc. There is a story about idol worship connected with Swami Vivekananda (who spread message of religion in India all over the world). Swmiji was visiting a Nabab (knight appointed by the king to take care of certain area in his kingdom). Nabab asked swamiji why Hindus worship an idol. Swamiji tried to explain in a rational manner but the nabab didn't agree with him. Swamiji saw an oil painting of nabab's anchestor hung on wall. He asked nabab if you are against idol worship then this painting is nothing but some wood, oil paint and some thing more and not your ancestor. Nabab weakly agreed with him. Swamiji then asked him if you don't consider this painting has any thing to do with your ancestor then you won't be disturbed if I spit on it. Nabab got angry and swamiji convinced him about idol worship. In short there is nothing new in idol worship and that is the simplest way to understand whomever one the person has belief. Every person is an idol worshiper irrespective whether the person accepts or not.

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