Monday, 21 February 2011

Can India not find a solution through discussion with Pakistan?

Pakistan is demanding withdrawal of troops from Jammu and Kashmir and resolve differences on the issue. In fact this is not a big issue if both parties wish to find a solution. It appears that politicians on both sides and Pakistan army have no interest in solving this problem. This is the best way to fool citizens, divert their attention from real day to day problems and make them ready to sacrifice.

 India should accept this demand i. e. withdrawal of troops from Jammu and Kashmir State except border area. These troops can be located along all international borders in a planned manner say within approximately one year. At the same time India should put up own demand as a return gesture. Pakistan must destroy all terrorist camps within the borders and give assurance that no terrorist shall attack any place in India in future. Pakistan further should pledge that in case terrorists attack any place, create bomb blast or any other such activity, India shall be at liberty to attack Pakistan in whatever manner India feels appropriate and destroy any area irrespective whether it is civil or military or forest or mountain or sea coast or city or rural area. India shall not be responsible for any loss to property and or humans in the area of attack. Such an agreement must be brought to notice of all countries, people, and human rights organisation by placing on internet and or direct correspondence with a warning that in such an event no one shall help Pakistan or plead for Pakistan.

Once such an agreement is signed, India should make suitable arrangements along all borders for shifting armed troops from Jammu and Kashmir to other places and complete it within agreed time. At the same time India should prepare against attack from other neighbouring countries and for attacking Pakistan. Capitalist China (along eastern coast of China) is the neighbour who should be taken care off in addition to border area. There may be some trouble from Bangladesh also. Strategic plans must be prepared to fight and destroy such attacks brutally.

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surendra singh negi said...

1. Pakistan is demanding withdrawal of troops from Jammu and Kashmir and resolve differences on the issue ?
2. I don't think it is the only demand from Pakistan ! Indian Army went there only around 1989!plz check
3. Initially Pakistan was demanding referendum and India resisted ! plz check
4. Till date India since 1947 lost to Pakistan at Diplomatic level as well as suffered more in all the wars as compared to Pakistan. The latest war incident is Kargil. India regained its land and that too incompletely; about 10 to 15 % of Indian area is in the possession of Pakistan and we celebrate VIJAY DIVAS ! PLZ CHECK AND GET THEM CONFIRMED.
5. PLZ find out if the above is correct, then no further comments are needed.

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