Monday, 21 February 2011

Can China be a Friend of any Country?:

China is one of the oldest civilisation and Chinese people maintain values of life. Thanks to the Buddhist culture. However, rulers are different. They have been concentrating on fastest development (not the fastest as possible). Rulers are ready to compromise with ethics and all values.
They came in to power denouncing religion and accepting communism. In fact communism also can be treated as a religion in general terms. After gaining power communists found it's difficult to develop for want of enough capital. It was not possible to amass capital with communist ideology. They went to extent of dividing China in 2 parts. Approximately 80% of western China is communist China and rest along east coast is capitalist China. Capitalist China is given name as "Special Economic Zone (SEZ in short)". Capitalist China has been developed with foreign capital  in unimaginable short time. Rulers demolished all norms and promoted industry. Due to communist ideology and dictatorship rulers could keep wages low, could acquire property in the name of nation at throw away price, enslave labourer etc. On account of this, prices of Chinese good are so low that no other country could compete with them. Residual of capital so raised is used for development in SEZ area and cities in communist China. The major expenditure on armed forces and weapon system. This makes Chinese aim clear. Rulers are heading towards supremacy in warfare and economy.

Cultures all over the world consider friend as "A friend in need is friend indeed". Indian culture goes even further. A friend is considered only next to parents. A friend would offer even life, if necessity arises. Chinese culture is similar to Indian culture. However rulers in China neither accept their traditional definition of friend nor what is accepted by the world. They expect you to follow Indian culture but when their turn comes they behave as if you are a stranger. Various examples in past show that China cannot be a friend of any one in the world. Chinese rulers should never be believed and always put under vigilance.

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