Monday, 21 February 2011

I am not as big a culprit as projected by opposition parties:

Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India said during interview given to leading journalists in India on 16th February 2011 at New Delhi (India) claimed that he is not responsible for any actions his ministers as much as claimed by the media. During the whole interview it appeared that he was pleading as Dr. Manmohan Singh and not as Prime Minister of India. He has restrains. However these restrains are not because of coalition government but some thing different. Even in a single party government groups cannot be overlooked. Every political party is a coalition and hence, such restraints are always present whether the government is single party or multi-party. Dr. Manmohan Singh, personally is very honest and no one thinks he is behind any scam. What people think is he has no capability to administer rogue members. In simple words either he should throw away rogues from his cabinet or he himself should quit and make place for some one else. In case his party cannot find a suitable person the party should quit and make space for some one else. In case none of the political parties are in a position to offer a solution there should be midterm polls. To ensure democracy in India a hard decision is needed today.

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