Saturday, 26 February 2011

Does severe Punishment Discourage People to Commit Crime?:

It is believed that fear of severe punishment keeps people away from crimes. Till a few years back death had been punishment for murder all over the globe. However, murders continued and the statistics show no change in rate of murder crime. In countries which continue with death penalty there is no reduction in crime rate nor there is increase in rates in countries which no more execute criminals for murder. It appears penalty for a crime should be on the social background rather than the crime. Places where society is composed of illiterates, selfish and cruel people severe punishment is needed and for sophisticated society money plays an important role. In a society where fear of the god is embedded in the minds of people crime rate decreases. In India it is believed that society changes with time and goes through a cycle of four time spells. First time spell is known as "Satya Yuga" i. e. "Age of Truth".  In this time spell fear of the god is the highest. Faith erodes and the society travels in second time spell "Treta Yuga" i. e. fear of the god reduces to 75% compared to Satya Yuga. Next phase is "Dwapar Yuga" having 50% fear of the god and last spell is "Kaliyuga" with just 25% fear of the god. If history is checked in all time spells there had been similar crimes but with a difference. Rate had been increasing from spell to spell. Threat of punishment keeps reducing. This means it is not the punishment but the fear of the god is more important in controlling crime rate.

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