Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Successful Chief Ministers of Gujarat and Bihar States in India:

General impression among citizens of India is S'Shri Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar are the most dynamic personalities among chief ministers in India. Many people praise them for speedy disposal of cases, security and development of people in the state.
Many examples are given regarding personal problems of citizens, improved security of people, development work carried out, increase in investment in the states and many others. They do deserve applauds for their work. However, there is thinking whether this fits in the democracy or whether the achievements are through democratic ways?

There had been many examples of achievements of rulers in various categories. However, it is an experience that the achievements fade away with a particular person. This means if some one else comes in to power i. e. succeeds the successful person, things change depending on personal qualities of outgoing person. In democracy this is not expected. Betterment must continue irrespective of who heads the administration. Reason for this is decisions taken are collective and not personal in a democratic setup. Change in personalities should not affect if the head changes. All involved in decision making get trained during the process and the work continues, may be further improvements get slow down. If good work stops with exit of a personality it cannot be termed as democracy and it should be named as dictatorship.

In a democratic setup person is not important but the system is. Fundamental reason is a single person whatever efficient may be cannot carry out work of say 100 persons. It may be possible that an efficient person does work of say 2 or 3 or 4 or more persons but there shall be a limit. If a chief minister of a state is efficient in solving personal problems of citizens question is how many people can get in touch with the chief minister? Or how many hours he can work and find solution? If he delegates power to other ministers and members of a house there shall be many more heads and hands to work. Even if their efficiency is lower still out put shall be higher. Chief Minister can create atmosphere for working of every member in the government machinery in the interest of nation and as per laid down procedure and norms.

In a democratic setup the head can be recognised as effective when process continues even during absence of the head of the system. This should be the criteria in stamping a person.

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