Sunday, 6 March 2011

Changes needed in Democratic System in India

I have put up my views on the subject . These are in many articles. I thought of giving links of all those articles sequentially. There is nothing new but made easier to read.
माझे मत कोणाला?
Filing Nomination form and Scrutiny for Contesting Candidates

Qualifications for prospective candidate contesting Election
(Revised on 31 October 2011)

Election Procedure

Election Process suitable for Bharat.

Does Bharat i. e. India need a foriegn model of Democracy?

What could be done to Reduce Candidates' Propaganda Expenditure?

Division of Bharat for Administration Purpose:

Propaganda for Candidates Contesting Election.

Counting of Votes and declaring Result.of an Election

Rajyasabha (Upper House at Highest Level):

Responsibility of the Government:

Formation of the Government:

How JPC should be Appointed.

Political Parties and Development of Nation: 

Should Voting be Compulsory in India? 

Citizens' Charter and Voters' List:

Would Smaller States Improve Administration?

 Are RTRs Practicable?

 General Elections 2014 in India:

Central Authority for Investigating Agencies.


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Madhav Bamne said...

Shri Gopinath Munde, BJP MP challenged the election commission to take action against him for incurring expenditure of Rs. 80 million for his election for present Loksabha. He had taken calculated risk and he can prove that his election expenditure had been Rs. 1.9 million only. This had been reported by him to election commission. He can always prove that his personal expenditure for election had been Rs. 1.9 million as reported by him but additional money of Rs. 78.01 Rs. 1.9 million had been spent by various agencies including the government, political parties and candidates. Election commission cannot find grounds to take Gopinath Munde to task. In general speech of the MP should be taken positively. There should be discussion on reducing election expenditure. On the other hand the commission and other politicians are concentrating on punishing the MP. There is a solution to reduce expenditure on election and also avoid effect of black money on election. Such methods can make it possible for honest persons to contest elections w/o any fear. We must understand that election expenditure is finally paid by the citizens. No candidate has spent on election from his hard earned money. Every candidate depends on donations. Citizens must understand that people who donate cannot be all selfless. They expect this should be compensated not only to the extent of donation but much beyond that. Politicians do compensate them as per desire of the donor.
There should be discussion on this aspect rather than punishing the MP. Citizens must thank him for bringing out this problem to notice of all. Not that people do not know this but so far people have avoided discussion on this. India has some time to carry out detailed discussion and find a solution so election expenditure for candidate and his/her party is ZERO. There are some more aspect of election which may be found here: Changes needed in Democratic System in India .

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