Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Are places of worship essential?

Places of Worship
Places of worship like temple, mosque and church were developed with a specific aim. Religion had been established for unity of society. Preaching of religion does need to be disseminated to all the members of the society.
Till middle of 20th century the only media available for dissipation of religious rules had been direct conversation between a few people who could interpret religion and guide the general public. This needed a place for gathering of people so that the dialogue could take place between these two categories of people. Such places were constructed specifically for teaching of religion. Different faiths gave different names like temple, mosque, church etc. To attract people to this place some religious ceremonies were organised. Pujari, Priest, Mullah were entrusted with this responsibility. Probably originally it might have thought that intelligent people with training should shoulder this responsibility. However, with passage of time it was converted in to a family responsibility. This did degraded expectations from these places of worship.

Presently there is quantum jump in facilities available for dialogue with the public. People can watch and hear worship or preaching from any location on their television. There is a need to take full advantage of the new technology available today. There could be community centres in various regions. These centres should express the fundamental thought both in words and pictures. Example could be 'Keeping mind clean'. This is a fundamental requirement preached by each and every faith. How to achieve this can be explained considering present circumstances. If efforts are made on such a line people would find no difference in various faiths and each and every faith would live in harmony with other faiths. This shall avoid conflicts among faiths also.

Religion: Universal Brotherhood

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