Sunday, 17 October 2010

Are religious Books written by the God?

Religious Books

Most of the faiths claim that whatever is written in their respective book is received from the god. A simple logic says it is impossible. The god is the owner of the universe, his presence is all over all the time, the god is management guru, the entire universe follows the god's rules/regulations, every one in the universe is rewarded or punished based on the activities one gets involved. Every religion believes in this. Under such circumstances why the god should make rules for a particular society lactated in a small corner on the earth? Specially when all know that the earth is a tiny particle when compared to the universe. Therefore, logical derivative is the books are written by selfless, intelligent persons who have full knowledge of the locality and the society living during a particular period of time. The reason for giving credit to the god may be to ensure faith of everyone in the rules and regulations stipulated in those books. The other argument to support this view is why certain things found now are not in these books? Examples are hazards of plastic, use of mineral oil etc. Some of the books even preach that the earth is the centre of the universe and claim that the Sun revolves around the earth.

This simply means these books were written by a human being who had knowledge available during that time and at respective place.

Religion: Universal Brotherhood



Vinay said...

very balanced view...totally agree..

Jana said...

Thank you Vinay. I would like to request you to spread this thought as much as possible.

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