Friday, 29 October 2010

Election Process suitable for Bharat.

Bharat has a good record in conducting elections at all levels. People have exhibited through their behaviour that there is true democracy in the country. This has been made possible on account that democracy is not being a new concept to people of Bharat. This has been embedded in them from generation to generation through Gramsabha. Approximately 50% people do not know how to read and write but every one is well versed with democracy.
There has been an ill action by politicians and the concept of democracy is in danger though. Division of people under various political parties has reached villages. People are divided by politicians for there personal greed and benefits. Bharat imported foreign concept of democracy without understanding the concept followed in Bharat from time immemorial. Had there been a right thought to embed election process in Bhartiya concept of democracy this danger would have been avoided.

 During olden times size of a society was small, every person knew others personally, and security had been the only problem faced by people. Therefore it was easy select council members even without election process. Now time has changed. Election process is now inescapable necessity. There is nothing wrong in accepting this need. Only requirement is the old system should be revised to incorporate this aspect of democracy. However, process of elections must be finalised with Bhartiya characteristics of nation and citizens. Bharat needs an election process where expenditure by contestants should be zero, intelligent person should be encouraged to contest election, person with selfish interests and shady character should be filtered out. This would need redefining administrative structure of Bharat, modifications to election rules and strengthening election commission.

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