Sunday, 31 October 2010

Election Procedure

Procedure should be foolproof and quick. Each and every step must be well defined along with time period essential to carry out processing. The broad steps are notification for election, filing of nomination by
prospective candidates, submission of bio data covering professional qualification; experience and achievements, scrutiny of application and information submitted, declaring names of candidates who fulfil criteria, preparation of book giving information about candidates, preparation of documents for propaganda through media like email; message on mobile phone; Akashvani; Doordarshan and cable network, organising open public meetings for face to face contact between candidates and voters, polling of votes, collection of ballot machines/boxes, counting of votes, declaring results. In the existing system 2 modifications are needed. Firstly, a candidate named 'None from below' should be added in ballot paper or voting machine at the top. Secondly, candidate should be declared elected only if he/she gets highest votes totalling more than 33 % of voters registered for respective constituency. This means it is not adequate to get more votes than any other candidate. In order to win the election minimum 33 % of votes must be obtained by the candidate in addition to the first criteria. A candidate who fulfils both conditions only would be declared as elected.

Whenever and wherever none of the candidates fulfil above condition a re-election shall be necessary. Procedure for re-election also is required to be laid down. There could be two cases for re-election. Firstly, the first candidate i. e. 'None from below' gets majority votes numbering over 33 % of votes in the voter list. In this collection re-election should be carried out as a fresh election by debarring all candidates except 'None from below' for re-election. Second case would be the candidate who gets highest votes does not get 33 % of votes as per voter list. In this case the list of candidates should be shortened by omitting candidates who forfeited deposits. This shall be applicable for the candidate 'None from below' also. There is a need to change criteria for forfeiting deposit. Suggested criteria is all those who gets 5 % or less votes when compared with voters' list.

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