Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Is the God Kind? And fulfils wishes of the Devotees for Offerings.

On one side it is preached that the god doesn't have any known shape, size or look. Its is also believed that the god doesn't have human feelings. The god is indifferent to all happenings in the universe. However on the other side the worshipers on behalf of general public stress that the god is kind to those who worship, present offerings and donate to the god.
This is controversial. It may be embedded in human mind so that the rules are followed strictly. This could be the best way to ensure harmony among members of a society. This would have been welcome. However, the worshipers on behalf of general public have taken advantage of this for their personal benefits and are still taking it.

Devotees' offerings run in to crores of rupees. This money mostly (or almost all) might have been grabbed through unfair means. The wishes of the devotees mostly are unfair to society. It appears the man has converted the god to a corrupt human being, who does any work; fair or not; provided offerings are made. It is difficult to understand why the god should fall for such offerings when all religions believe in that whatever exists in the universe belongs to the god. Conclusion is the worshipers on behalf of general public have degraded religion and the god for their selfish motives.

Religion: Universal Brotherhood

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