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Society, Religion and the God

Society Religion & the God
Society here is taken as a group of people. Therefore, size of society varies with people in the group. When a person is at home society is the family, once the person crosses threshold of the home the lane becomes the society. In this order village town, city, zone, state, region, country, world and finally the universe is the society of a particular person.
This means all people living in a certain physical boundaries form a society. Survival of a person depends on the strength possessed by a person, both physical and mental. Society helps in adding strength which no single individual can possess. Simple meaning of society is a group of people with common interest who are ready to fight with enemy as a single entity. During present days any other criteria of common interest has negligible meaning. Every one of us must remember this for our prosperity and survival.

During earlier days of mankind religion had been devised to keep people together. Religion helped in making coherent group of people. People were made to believe in that religion is sacred, established by the god and following it would ensure longevity of life on earth and solace to soul after physical death. This did help in keeping a group together. Whoever invented this concept does deserve applause. Fundamental principle of any religion in the universe is brotherhood. This is true even today. Every person must be fundamentalist as far as this principle is concerned. The other part of religion is rules, regulations, traditions, practises etc. Unfortunately, in today's world the second part is considered as fundamental principle. Problems in this world are basically due to this misconception. It must be understood that these rules etc. are developed by highly intelligent, selfless persons keeping in view certain society at a particular location at a particular time. This means these are relative to society, time and location. Therefore these cannot be universal, applicable to all groups of people or without time limit. Let's see a simple example. Europeans in their country do not take bath daily, Arabs while washing hands pour water on fingertips and allow it to flow to elbow, Indians take bath daily (In olden days trice a day). When one logically think about this the reasons open up and it proves that keeping body clean is the fundamental need but the methods used by different groups are different. This is just natural as the method depends on the natural surroundings at a particular location at a particular time. Conclusion is religious rules etc. are not permanent and need to be changed based of the present circumstances.

The god has no parallel in inventions of man. This the best concept embedded in person's mind. The god is not only a judge of activities of a person but also a police. The god never asks for evidence. God knows what a person does at any instance in the period of life and knows how to reward or punish a person. The god doesn't need pleading of any one's case. Finally the god's decision is always correct and cannot be questioned, no appeal allowed. When such an energy watches, punishes, rewards a person; there is absolutely no possibility that a person knowingly would misbehave. Certain societies were not civilised and in their cases unscrupulous rules were framed. This should not be taken on negative side but should be considered as relevant to society, time and location.

In short, fundamental need is to amalgamate strength of whole society to fight with enemies and safeguard interests of all members of a particular society. In present world the same concept is followed with difference of 'nation' instead of religion and 'judicial-police system' instead of the god.

Religion: Universal Brotherhood

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