Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Are Rules preached by Son of the god etc. are universal and eternal?

There are 3 faiths which claim superiority over all others. One faith believes in that the god sent his son to organise people on earth, second claims that a messenger was sent and the third claims the god himself took birth on earth.
Although all of them had been human beings, every one of them did possess qualities which are generally not found in any human beings. They had been superior humans with incredible qualities. The common qualities among these had been selflessness, ready to do any thing for society even at their own cost, highly intelligent with practical thinking. However, there had been limitations in their thinking. Their thinking was based on the characteristics of society around them at a particular time and place. This means they did have rich thoughts suitable for a society but limited to their own experience. If one understands this, then it is easier to carry out external modifications to rules set by them without harming the fundamental thinking what they preached.

Conclusion is that rules of the god are eternal and all other rules have dependency on time, place and society. Therefore these should be modified when changes occur in time, location and the society. 

Religion: Universal Brotherhood

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