Monday, 11 October 2010

Deterioration of Religion and the God

Deterioration by Pastors
Concept of religion and the god changed with time. The god was taken as energy with no specific size or look. However, people could not understand it well. People like to have a symbol to grasp ideas and knowledge.
Initial stages this symbol did not represent a human being. Probably 'Shivalinga' worshiped in India may be the oldest symbol of the god. It depicts union of female and male. This change did not mean looking at the god as a person and not the energy. This probably had been adopted to visualise the god by the most ignorant person or a person who had limited mental capability. However, certain sly persons took advantage of this for their own selfish motives. They made common person to believe in god as a person who could fulfil one's wishes more easily. For example offerings to the god would please the god and reward the person the way the person wishes. In modern word it looks like offerings to people in power to get some benefits. The basic difference still remains unexplained. A person in power may give benefits not due to the offerer at the cost of the society. In case of the god who is the sole holder of the universe the question remains why should the god give benefits which are not due to the offerer? On the other hand it is sort of corruption to which even the god is tempted? People who introduced this concept and made it look like serving the god never explained how the concept works. In fact they did not wanted general public should think about it logically. They were interested in getting personal benefits and this system served well for them (this is practiced even today and may continue till time general public understands the god correctly). Once we have accepted that the god has no specific characteristics (both physical and mental) how can the god be pleased by offerings? Thus the concept of an idol for the god did create problems in smooth working of the society instead of uniting the members of the society.
To correct the problem of idol worship some intelligent persons professed to stop idol worship. However, they adopted another way which had been the other extreme. While doing this they never thought of other problems which could be extremely dangerous when the whole world or universe is considered. They preached that the idol worshipers cannot be considered true lovers of the god and must be eliminated. The whole world has faced its effect in the past and even today. Not that they were wrong, if one considers the time, society and place when and where they preached this. However, considering changed circumstances time is now to discard this approach. Every person must be given liberty to visualise the god in a way the person understand it. No one should self opinion on any one else. If idol worship helps some one in understanding the god in correct way this option should not be denied. Precaution is must to avoid improper or selfish use of the concept though. Clergies or those who carry out worship of the god in a religious place on behalf of public should not spread message that the god is kind and helps people who worship the god. It must be understood that the god is the only management guru in the universe. The god never interferes in his own rules. The god's rules are universal and eternal. These rules have inherent capability to watch each and every person's work, evaluate its quality and quantity and give returns. If on earth one throws a pebble up towards sky it shall always come down provided no force is applied while it travels upwards or while coming downwards. The god doesn't change his rules specifically for a particular person. Therefore, offerings to the god with a specific purpose in mind shall not necessarily fulfill  wishes.
In short, the god is energy and not a person, worship of the god means doing work which benefits society and never expect offerings to the god would change results of your actions. This is highly desirable to stop deterioration of the god and religion.

Religion: Universal Brotherhood

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