Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Fight against Terrorists and Extemists:

War against immoral forces can be won only with successful battles on various causes leading to a problem. Consider flood affected towns and villages. Generally to protect towns and villages earthen barricades are constructed to ensure flood water does not spread in adjoining area.
Experience shows that hundreds of thousands are spent on this solution without satisfactory achievement. Flooding adjoining area may be saved in a particular location but the water creates havoc in other areas. The root causes study shows that the flood is because of any one or combination of reasons stated hereafter. Unprecedented heavy rainfall in a short duration of time, narrow with of river/water channel, river basin gets shallow due to sand and clay carried by water, seepage of water is very slow and many more reasons like this. Solution has to be found for every reason. Dams may be constructed to store water during time period of heavy rainfall. Quantity which would not create flood situation may be released from the dam during this period and after wards. There may be series of dams. If adequate area is available lakes can be constructed for water collection. Seepage from such lakes should be welcome. Additional channels may be constructed to carry water under such circumstance. A combination of 1 or more methods would provide a solution. Simply raising earthen barricades along the river banks shall not be a long time solution. This is applicable for every problem in life and surely for fight against terrorism.

Today's world is facing terrorism based on religion. There are extremists in every religion and Islam tops the list. Analysis of their activities show as follows. Firstly terrorist catch them young. Their strategy is to train children rather than grown up individuals. They teach hatred for other people, other religion even at the age of 4 or 5. Jews from Israel have direct experience with Arab children in neighbouring countries. They make children believe in that there is nothing important except religion and all must be converted to Islam. All others are Kafirs meaning non-believers in one god one religion theory. The only reward for Kafir is either embrace Islam or die. This strategy ensures constant supply of men and women to carry out terrorist activities even at the cost of life. Second strategy is to finance all activities by selling narcotic drugs. In a way this means all the nations which consume narcotic drugs are financers of the terrorists. USA may be leading in this aspect. Third part of their activities is to enrol locals for executing their plans on ground. In order to take strong actions these fundamentals must be taken in to consideration. Finding a quick solution is not giving us results. All nations are struggling hard to protect themselves and none is trying to remove root cause(s).

A time lasting solution must include actions on the most important three causes. Actions on these are tedious, complicated and Time taking. However, if one studies history of terrorism it shows that this is practiced in countries like India for over 30 years. USA faces this problem for last 10 years. Other nations come in between this time period. This means precautions and actions taken have proved ineffective for rooting out terrorism. Society is the most important group of people and must be taken care of it. In today's world nation is the society. First and foremost action needed is every nation should start preaching nationalism to children while giving second priority to so called religion as is understood today all over the world. There are many countries which do not have enough resources to do this. There are some countries which do not wish to teach this to children. A solution is other nations who have resources should take this responsibility. These nations could open primary schools in willing nations and bear cost of the education and safety of schools. If some nations do not accept such schools nations providing such facility may open schools in their own nation and bear full cost of transportation, residence and education. The only care taken is such nations offering education should be in the mother tongue of the pupils. Pupils may be taught other languages as supplementary.

Second important aspect is financing aspect based on narcotics produced in fields of nations all over the world. Many of the countries are dependent on this crop for their economy. Farmers cannot produce any thing else in their fields. Farmers' share of money is generally small. Other countries should pay to that extent for not producing narcotic drug plants. Research should be undertaken to produce some other crop in those fields as a replacement. Once the farmers start getting comparable revenue from their produce they shall stop producing narcotic drug plants. Countries where there is a war in progress all such fields should be destroyed. Where there is no such possibility some means should be found to get jobs for farmers to earn enough for livelihood.

The worst part is some of the locals help terrorists on account of many reasons. Such locals must be punished by the respective country ruthlessly. Minimum punishment for local involved in terrorist activity should be hanging to death. This may appear very harsh. However, considering innocent people who are affected on account of terrorists this must be the minimum punishment. There is no other severe punishment hence; this minimum punishment should be acceptable. For deciding punishment the only criteria should be  whether a person has taken part in the terrorist plan, irrespective whether willingly or on account of force.

Considering expenditure incurred on war against terrorism finance required for above proposal shall be less and it would ensure eternal peace.


Anonymous said...

You have missed one important source of financing terrorists in Pakistan. Nations like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan directly fund such organisations. China wants access to Indian ocean. China funds Pakistan and the money goes to terrorists. Same is condition with American aid given to Pakistan. Indian contractors pay to terrorists for ensuring safety and this money comes from Indian government.

This all means terrorists are finance by people who are affected by terrorism,

Jana said...

@ Anonymous, Thank you for correction. Yes terrorists are mostly funded by countries which are prey to terrorists.

Jana said...

Ex Commissioner of Income Tax Shri Vishwabandu Gupta brought out another aspect of financing terrorists i. e. fake note purchased by ISI and used in India. He also says RBI is money laundering and distributing fake notes. Prime Minister, Home Minister, Finance Minister are in this racket apart from working partner Governor of RBI. This is a sad State. Annaji and Babaji should fight for these first.

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