Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Concept of the God

Indian civilisation is not only ancient but every generation of people has adopted modifications to their self behaviour and also social behaviour. This makes the Indian civilisation DYNAMIC in nature and therefore always YOUNG
Any one in this world would never be unsuccessful in finding solution to wide range of obstacles in the life of an individual or nation or even our world. Study of Indian philosophy would answer almost every question and lead to the most appropriate solution.
Even in early stages of the civilisation, Indians realised existence of some super power which controls the universe. This super power had been named as 'Shakti' meaning 'Energy'. How true is this even today! Shakti was visualised as having no visual characteristics, occupying whole universe, watching and rewarding/punishing for every deed of every living beings as well as those having no life.
Modern science has proved that any thing and every thing in this universe have energy in some form or the other. Every form of energy has behaviour as per fixed rules. These rules never change or are modified. May be our understanding of these rules may change after knowing additional information. Change in our knowledge does not mean change in rules. This may be termed as DISCOVERY and not change in rules.

Religion: Universal Brotherhood


Abbas said...

Concept of God in India:
It is based on foundation of LOVE. The utmost natural concentration centre.

Jana said...

Abbas, Thank you for your comment. However I tend to disagree. Concept of love is more towards construction of secure and prospering society. If you go through the blog I had given how definition of society expands when a person comes out of his/her home. Now we have accepted concept of nation. This means for us society is nation. When we pass tests of this society and when we find aliens attacking us we may adopt the world as one society. However, we are not yet fully ready to digest this concept.

May be after a few 1000 years people understand love for each other and become one society for the world and then after another 100000 years universe as one society. Speeding this is dangerous for human existence. In no way any religion can do this unless that is the religion being discovered by the scientists.

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