Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Political Parties and Development of Nation:

Political parties all over the world have members and active representatives. Active representatives have more all less full time job as politician. This leads to sole aim of getting elected or grabbing some office of advantage/profit.
Naturally such person may choose a short cut for getting some office. He/She may spend some money for propagandas and for all other activities so as to be successful in grabbing office of profit. Such a situation leads to malpractices. There is an extreme necessity to find a solution for this problem so that the social workers need not be dependent on other sources of income. They should have only known sources of income.

Solution must consider that the people have difficulties mostly because of not knowing latest technology, laws, schemes, procedures, advantages, disadvantages and alike. On account of illiteracy about these aspects a common man suffers. There is a need to have consultancy organisations to combat this problem. This responsibility can easily be taken by the Political Parties. Political parties may charge reasonable fees for some of these responsibilities. This means the members of any political party must be adequately qualified, experienced, capable and selfless. They shall earn while proving their worth to electors (voters). There shall neither be need for spending on propaganda nor canvassing just before elections. Those who prove their worth would automatically be the best bet of electors.

In Bharat (i.e. India) majority of population is found in villages. People mostly depend directly or indirectly on agriculture. They may be cultivators, farm labourers or artisans working for farmers. Strength of these people is their great belief in 'Karma', less demands, their desire to adjust with circumstances and alike. Their weakness lies in use of conventional methods and technology (i.e. resistance to big changes), limited resources, illiteracy and alike. Rain fall in Bharat is seasonal (Monsoon during June to September) and fortunately stable. However, agriculture need of water is not fulfilled in absence of harvesting rain water. In draught prone area highly efficient technology has been developed with local resources and has proved its worth. However, similar efforts have not been made in areas where rainfall is adequate or more than adequate during rainy seasons.

The other area which would help Bhartiya villagers is development of industry in villages. Industry based on agriculture produce, industry based on cattle and industry based on products which does not need high skills is an inescapable necessity to make villagers self reliant. Politicians should do research in each of the villages and provide consultancy in this area.

Marketing is another need of farmers. Presently they bring all their produce at one time during harvesting season. Consultants must provide them strength to hold and sell at appropriate time when the returns are the best. This would need storage, processing, maintenance, market information and similar capabilities.

Although whatever views expressed are based on village conditions in Bharat similar efforts are needed to serve city dwellers too. Finally this may be applicable to many other countries in the globe.

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