Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Why People Worship an Idol?

Logical thinking shows that idol worship had been a necessity of people in early days of civilisation. If we study various principles of management it is a common experience that visual effects are the most effective. This is the reason why television got immediate response over radio.
However, extreme use of any thing accompanies bad effect also. That may be the reason why televisions named as 'Idiot box' today. This logic is applicable to idol worship also. When concept of the god was invented the fundamental reason in minds of scholars had been to provide an arrangement for following rules and laws of society by all members. Hence, the god was taken as omnipresent, strict administrator, the best judge of activities of every individual and alike. This did help in maintaining order in every society without having police force and judiciary. Scholars had a problem to convince people about the god. They might have considered to provide a visible version of the god. Initially it might have just a stone coloured with bright colours like red and yellow. As the civilisation progressed the shape of the god also needed modifications. In India 'Shivalinga' is worshiped. That is a representation of man and woman unification to ensure continuity of human race. This also had been found useful in direction finding. Wherever it is installed the narrower portion directs towards the north. Hence, any outsider could find directions from the Shivalinga. With further development the god was modified to represent human beings. The whole world is having two categories i. e. male and female. That must have given rise to think of the goddess. This development continued and finally scholars found that the idol worship is wrong (Just like we found television is an idiot box). This has made people believe that the idol is the god, the god needs to be pleased by offerings, the god is very kind, the god forgives those who repent truly, confession to a priest means repenting and alike. Some scholars realised dangers in idol worship. However, they could not find workable solution and went to the other extreme that is to ban idol worship. If a person understands the god there is no necessity to worship idol. Worship is not needed for a person who follows nature's laws, rules and fulfils his/her responsibilities to society and nature. In India this is considered as 'Karma'. Karma is not only a philosophy but the right path and direction for homogeneous society and to maintain continuity of human race.

In short idol worship or banning idol worship is no logical solution. People who have not reached to level of worshiping the god through Karma do need idol worship. The priest who preaches should take care to embed in minds of people that idol worship is not the final aim. It is an interim arrangement till a person understands Karma. Those who are enlightened need not do idol worship. This may a solution on disillusion of idol worship. 

Religion: Universal Brotherhood


Anonymous said...

Plz read Vishnu purana for th history of shivalinga... tat is Shiva's penis nd parvathi's vagina... tat s how ur sacred purana says... but u people still believe in tis tales..

Jana said...

Anonymous, There is no nead to give reference of puranas. It is already given in the article as under

"In India 'Shivalinga' is worshiped. That is a representation of man and woman unification to ensure continuity of human race.

he priest who preaches should take care to embed in minds of people that idol worship is not the final aim. It is an interim arrangement till a person understands Karma."

Your sole aim appears to be either tease others or prove superiority of some religion over others. I would request you to avoid such issues.

mannu said...

some where i m agree with ur views but still my inner consciousness dont believe that those super heros or gods,avtars r fake,,,may be they were real but our society had exaggerated their actions which turned out magical

Jana said...

mannu, I do agree with you. They are not fake. They were here on earth. However, they were all human beings like us. Difference is they were scholars, selfless, intelligent and were working for secure and developing society. They did it because they were highly superior to general human being. So don't think Rama or Krishna are fake. We believe in that Mahatma Gandhi was here with people. The only reason is many have seen him and told us. Albert Einstein rightly said "people may not believe that Mahatma Gandhi was really on earth a few century back" Same is true for all those great people who we worship.

Rakesh said...

God exists & to know it just become spirutual. Change the attitude just like ur management lesseons (Either MBA or Bhagavad gita, upanishads...) teaches u.
If anyone says Universe runs on its own, then all scintifically proven theories (Newton or Einsten..) will be proved wrong.
Just imagin SUN non existing from tommorrow, nothing can survive. Sceince can create new sun but how did it come up in there at the 1st place, who created it, why does it have a limited life????
Sceince did not prove which our ansistors used to say there are 14 lokas (Universe).
Idols are the form of recalling god into some shape to prove his existance, by great great gurus of the past, rather than just praying for nothing.
Lots to explain but not through web. Become spirutual & a scientist to prove what has been preached by our ansistors, be it Hindu, Muslim or christan.
Think spiritual to serve the purpose of life.

Jana said...

@ Rakesh, It appears I have failed to make my point clear. I never said that the god doesn't exists. I also accept there could be 330 million or more gods. Read following for clarification.

I also said there is nothing wrong in "Idol worship" I gave example of radio and tv to prove effectiveness of an idol.

What I say is pastors from all religions have spoiled views of a common man for their selfish means. I advise don't fall a pray to pastor and loose your true strength.

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