Saturday, 15 January 2011

Barest minimum requirement for worship:

Except the word "GOD" we hardly know any thing about the god. Scholars on the subject have told us that the god is almighty, omnipresent, well posted about every person on the earth and rewards/punishes based on the individual karma. In fact they have imbibed the concept of the god in such a manner that it is highly useful for every society.
People love the god at the same time they are afraid of the god. This makes them to behave in an orderly manner for eternal existence of every society (today it is converted to nation). This has some bad effects to. People started believing that god can be pleased through offerings, prayers and things like that. Some people started thinking that the concept of the god is no more useful and be scraped. This is not true though. Invention of the god has helped people most of the time and would continue to do so in future too. What is necessary is to understand fundamentals about worship and follow the same.

Worshiping the god is needed to ensure belief in a power which keeps an eye on every ones karma and is capable of giving rewards and punishment for every one. This belief shall prevent or at least make people understand that individual and collective karma must be right. If each and every person believes in this there shall be no mistakes, no cheating, no killing, and no harming to any one in the society. Therefore, worshiping is acceptable. However, believing that worshiping the god is the only aspect of religion is totally unacceptable. Worship is only a tool and not the aim. Many problems in societies, especially in a mixed society believing in different religions (as understood by people) could be taken care of if this is taken in right spirit.

Hindus need a temple and idol for worshiping, Christens need church but Muslims need only the direction towards Mecca. My personal opinion is in favour of Muslims in this respect although I don't believe in direction towards Mecca. A person can remember the god at any place, placing any direction as the god is omnipresent. Prayers help you in cleaning your mind; at least bad thoughts keep away from the person at east during period of praying. If a person needs to shut eyes to visualise the god there should be no controversy. Every one should try to concentrate on thoughts leading to betterment of society (i. e. nation in today's world). If this is achieved while worshiping the god then that should be acceptable and promoted. However, if any one expects that prayer towards the god should directly help the person that is a great mistake.

Religion: Universal Brotherhood


Anonymous said...

Hi brother,

GOD means G - Generator
O - Operator
D - Destroyer

God is peace; peace is absence of fear or complaint; peace promotes happiness; ever being in happiness is heaven; GOD resides in heaven;the whole system of the Universe is :- A true cycle of JANMA,UNMA,VALARCHA,VIPARINAM,APAKSHAYAM & NASHAM (germination,birth,growth,degeneration,degradation & lose)

God is the underlying force or the energy who programs the whole cycle of the Universe from the known Atoms to Milky ways & Galaxies...

Krishna Kumar

Jana said...

Hello Krishna Kumar, I agree with your views except "GOD resides in heaven". Scientists also say same thing. It is a cycle it would continue till unknown time limit. We are here to make best use of the opportunity we have.

Thank you brother

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