Wednesday, 12 January 2011

How Shakti i.e. the God produces Effects

Basic laws of science demonstrate that for every Action there is a Reaction. This Reaction is Equal in magnitude but opposite in direction. This is what we discovered.
Shakti has invented it. For every Karma (action) of any Object there is Phala (Fruit or Reaction). This fruit is the Reaction or the Result. Here direction is 'From the Object i.e. Karma' and 'Towards the Object i.e. Phala or Fruit'. For every Karma there is a Phala.
Shakti's rules are flawless. Shakti doesn't control any one's Karma. Shakti gives full right to every one living or lifeless to choose Karma. Rules set by Shakti are followed strictly to produce results i.e. Bless with Phala.
Then question comes 'Why every one doesn't get the same results for a specific Karma? The answer lies in a set of Karma. Phala may be different because different set of Karma done by different people. Let's consider an example found in Indian philosophy. One married woman and a prostitute lived across a road in some town at some time in history. The prostitute and the woman were worshipers of god. Each one believed that because of the worship she will be allowed in heaven after death. It so happened, both died on same day same time and were taken to Chitragupta. (Chitragupta is considered as the accountant employed by the god to keep record Karma of every one in the universe.) Chitragupta checked the record and asked the guards to take the prostitute to the Heaven and the married woman to the hell. On this the married woman was very furious and was blaming the God. She was repetitively crying. "I did this and I did that and still I am being taken to hell. Whereas, the woman who enjoyed with a new male(s) every night is taken to the heaven. This is totally unjust. Hey God how any one can believe in your impartial judgement" Chitragupta offered to explain and said this. My record does say that you had equally worshiped the God. However, whenever you saw the prostitute you were jealous about her for having new men every night for enjoyment. On the other hand the prostitute used to blame her fate for having to entertain different men and used to complement you for your luck. She used to bless you for your husband to be equally faithful to you.
This story need not be true. However, what it conveys that every one's Karma is never the same.
Let's see another example. Periodically one needs to shift furniture for cleaning. Efforts needed for shifting a table is say 1 unit. You keep doing this for years but some day you find the table doesn't move in spite of you putting in the sane 1 unit efforts. You would feel you are not getting Phala (fruit) of your Karma. This is only because; you have not considered the environment. May be when you were pushing the table is held by some one else, may be this time it is touching wall, or may be some this heavy is placed on the table. There may be some thing unknown. Hence, same karma may not offer you the same Phala every time. Rules of the Shakti consider all the inputs. You may be ignorant about some or all of the other inputs.
Moral is one must exercise right on choosing Karma and keep doing it. No one should worry about Phala. Every one shall get Phala appropriate to the Karma. This is how Shakti controls different states all time.

Religion: Universal Brotherhood


Anonymous said...

This is what the modern science proves. Does this mean that there is only one god and one set of rules for all living and lifeless? Does this mean scientists discover rules applicable to all in a particular environment?

Will some one debate on this?

Kannadasan said...

There is nothing to discover or prove. No seperattion between living and non-living. Both have been made up of atoms. In simpler form, Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen and any compound combinations. But basic thing is Electron, Nuetron, Proton and many. No many gods. Only one god we are part of it in diferent form.

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