Saturday, 1 January 2011

Rajyasabha (Upper House at Highest Level):

This is also known as house of elders. Presently this is not true though. However, this should be changed and there must be lower limit of age specified for candidates contesting election for this house.
Suggested limit is 60 years i. e. only senior citizens can contest election. Also number of times any particular candidate could contest election for this office should be limited to 2 i. e. twice in life time of every person who wishes to contest election. Rajyasabha members also shall be elected directly by the citizen voters. Some of the constituencies could be reserved for other than sc/st candidates. This may include researchers, tax consultants, slum dwellers, transporters and vehicle drivers, lawyers, teachers, farmers, businessmen/women, film personalities, TV personalities, etc. Rajyasabha should truly be like an old concept of grampanchayat. Members of Rajyasabha should debate various aspects concerning the nation and give suggestions to the government. The government should take note of all suggestions and prepare action plan for implementing accepted suggestions. The government shall put up suggestions and action plan to the parliament (Loksabha) for final approval for implementation. Rajyasabha should not have any right of implementation. Vidhansabha should be constituted on same lines. Total number of members of this house should be 33% of parliament (Loksabha) members, i. e. 3 constituencies of loksabha should make 1 constituency of rajyasabha. There should be no restriction of state borders for rajyasabha constituency. In addition there should be no restriction of residence in a particular constituency for contesting election i. e. any Indian having voting right should be able to contest election within the constraint of election rules discussed earlier.

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