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Was Lord Shree Krishna the God?

Lord Shree Krishna
Indians consider Lord Shree Krishna as the God. As per the definition given by Maharshi (a saint and scholar) Yvaas he was the god. However, he was not the born god. He became god because of his personal qualities like selflessness, care taker of then existing society, intelligence, devotion to Karma, ready to work for the society even at his own cost and alike.
Some give instances like lifting of Govardhan parvat (a mountain near Mathura, a town in Uttar Pradesh of India), killing tyrant king and his uncle Kansa when Krishna had been a teen boy etc. as proof for him being incarnation of the god. Analyses of various instances in his life show that he had been a human being physically like others but with special characteristics given above.

Let us consider the first instance given above i. e. lifting of Govardhan. There had been unprecedented rains and there had been floods in Yamuna (one of the important rivers in the north India). People did not know where to go and protect themselves and their cattle during this rain. As a boy he had to graze cattle of his parents. He used to go far places to find suitable grazing grounds. During this he knew many places around the town. He must have noticed big caves in the mountain. His act of advising people to take shelter in those caves however, is exemplary. Later some one to make believe people must have changed the news saying "Krishna lifted Govardhan and provided shelter to all people and cattle.

Second instance i. e. killing of his mighty uncle Kansa also may be distorted truth. Even today we find with age we may retain strength but the speed reduces. Krishna was young and could move and run faster than his uncle. Krishna must have played in such manner that before direct fight uncle has to run a lot. When his uncle was exhausted and not able to move he might have hit him and killed him. Kansa could not have matched his speed after he was tired. Such instances are available in the history of every nation and even today. A physically mighty person can be defeated knowing his/her stamina.
Shreeman Bhagwat Geeta (popularly known as Geeta) is all time logic of human behaviour in a society. This shows difference between an ordinary human being and Krishna. It is certain he had capabilities beyond belief. This made him the God.

Similar beliefs are found in people all over the world. However these are nothing but lip stories spread to make people believe in greatness of a person in an easier way. Those who believe in incarnation, son of the god or messenger of the god are not only deceiving themselves but also trying to spread rumours. Blind belief is the cause of today's unrest all over the world.

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Va makarul va makarallahu vallahu hairul makireen said...

In Quran GOD define himself

if anyone suitable for this we muslim has never objection to worship him as a GOD. Otherwise?

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Quran chapter 112 begins

Say: He is Allah, the One and Only!
Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;
He begetteth not nor is He begotten.
And there is none like unto Him.

- translation by Abdullah Yusuf Ali


Al-Ikhlâs is sûrah (chapter) 112 of the Qur'ân, and is said to be one of the earliest revelations that the Prophet Muhammad received from archangel Gabriel.

The Arabic root of the word ikhlâs is kh-l-s which means to be purified, refined, or to express loyal. The very concept of refining and purifying signifies the burning away of all impurities, leaving nothing but the very essence of that which was sought, Allah, the ultimate recipient of our utmost loyalty and sincerity.

Such a purification is the burning away of all of the worldly misunderstandings, concerns and desires that separate us from the One; the One and Only upon whom we depend, the One and Only who is our foundation rock, the Eternal One and Only.

As a further testimony to the unity of the One who has created all of mankind, note the striking similarity in the Bhagavad-Gita written in India a thousand years earlier:

You are the One Creator of all the worlds,
and of that which moves and that which does not move,
You alone are fit for worship, You are the highest Teacher,
In all the worlds there is none equal to You.

- Bhagavad-Gita 11:43

Jana said...

Va makarul va makarallahu vallahu hairul makireen, Thank you for your input. However, none of us has capability to understand the god fully. You may think if the god is one and the god created religion or religious books why they are not one?

In my opinion it only means scholars at different places at different time guided different societies on the earth. The guidance is same as far as fundamental requirements but differ in laws, rules and regulations as they can't be same in different environment, climate etc.

What we should take is no need to divide us based on religion and some of the religious rules need to be modified to suit different environment.

Va makarul va makarallahu vallahu hairul makireen said...

no brother ur knowledge about GOD is week

In quran Allah says we sent messenger of every languages. And we sent him vedhas along with the messenger. According to muhammed (sal) There are 1 lakhs 24 thousand messengers were send by GOD among peoples. TO reach the right path of GOD. In quran muhammed is last and final messenger of Allah.

Va makarul va makarallahu vallahu hairul makireen said...

U know u research about quran. ALlah challanges us u cant point out a single error

from quran

Even gramatical error and scientifical error anything. This vedhas (quran) No need to change

Allah says in quran (Al yavmal akamlthu lakum theenukum va akumanthu alaikum va nigmathee varaleethulakum islam mathina)

Allah completed this islam

Jana said...

@ Va makarul va makarallahu vallahu hairul makireen, OK I will agree to what you say. Please ask questions to yourself and try to find out answers. Firstly Allah or whatever name you call is almighty. Then why Allah should send a messenger when he/she can organise happenings himself/herself? Second, At that time i. e. during times of Mohamed he could be the last messenger. Now 1200 years have passed and we know a personality like Mahatma Gandhi and many more all over the world. Can you not think them as Allah's messengers? Thirdly, why Allah should look after certain group of people that only n planet earth? There are trillions of stars and planets in the universe. Who are the other messengers sent by the Allaha right now?

My friend this concept is not only in Islam but in all religions in the universe. This is to manage people in to a cohesive group and ensure security of society and continuity of race. Kindly learn to read in between lines, assimilate and decide.

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