Wednesday, 12 January 2011

How to Worship the God

Exercising one's right to choose and give effect to right Karma is nothing but worship of the God. There is absolutely nothing else needed to worship the God. The basic handicap is choosing the right Karma.
This makes the difference in human beings. Every one is part of the Shakti i.e. Energy. Every one possesses energy. To make correct use of one's energy needs development of mental power. One method of development of mind is to practice concentration of thoughts. Concentration is a key to develop oneself to achieve Phala. Sun rays cannot burn even a paper on earth. However, use of proper lenses can burn even wood. Lenses helps in concentration rays and achieving enough energy to burn.
Shakti i.e. energy is the GOD. Efforts to concentrate more and more Shakti in you. This will help you in choosing right Karma. Giving effect to right Karma is the 'Worship of the god'

Religion: Universal Brotherhood

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