Sunday, 2 January 2011

Circumstances Make a Person:

Entire history of mankind shows circumstances make a person. Whenever a society faces difficulties a person is born to find solution to overcome obstacles and lead the society to a better state. Famous message given by Bhagwan Shrikrishna in Shreemanbhagavat Geeta popularly known as Geeta
"Yada Yadahi Dharmaschha Glanir Bhavati Bharat ... Sambhavami Yuge Yuge" means as and when "Dharma" i. e. religion is in danger (not meticulously followed by the society), I take birth as a human to re-establish religion. Christens do believe in similar faith. They believe in Christ shall return periodically to ensure society follows religion. In this contest religion means laws and rules for society based on fundamental principle of religion i. e. brotherhood. Periodical appearance of the god or his son does indicate that the religious rules and laws are neither universal nor eternal. These need modification from time to time. Indian religion is very old. Therefore, this can be understood by studying social rules and laws established by Shree Ram and Shree Krishna. Shree Krishna did modify rules and laws established by Shree Ram. Not only Scholars on Geeta but even ordinary persons can easily understand this. Morel of the story is rules and laws to be followed by a society for ensuring brotherhood among members of that society, do need modifications depending on place, society and time. Modifications needed cannot be understood by an ordinary person. This needs a person who has thorough knowledge of society, who is selfless, intelligent and solution provider. We believe in such a person must the god or very near to the god. Indians believe in "Incarnation of the god", Christens believe in "son of the god" and Muslims believe in "Messenger of the god". However, every one knows they all had been human beings like any other person but with high capabilities selflessness and many other virtues which are uncommon.
Apart from this there are many other examples in the history and at present all over the world. I will limit these with India only. Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj could not have founded an independent kingdom had there were not kingdoms ruled by foreign rulers, or the foreign rulers had not oppressed the native residents. Akbar's ancestors were foreigners. However, he didn't differentiate people based on religion. Therefore, none in the north India could rise to establish rule of natives. Mahatma Gandhi's rise also had been because of tyrant rule of British empire. Had there been no differentiation followed by British, the rule could have continued with no opposition. Recent example is Shri Nitish Kumar, chief minister of state of Bihar. Had there been law and order situation in Bihar, Nitish could not have come to power.
Morale of the story is if one wish to have peace, do not differentiate among people based on any criteria, especially religion. If a person who can influence life of people he/she must follow this rule. Else the circumstances shall make a person to fight and throw away the person who is in control. All political, religious, social organisations must follow this principle on non-differentiation.

Religion: Universal Brotherhood

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