Friday, 11 March 2011

Indian Culture: Democratic or Fascist?

Study of past history shows Indian culture is democratic. Election system is new to India. Authority obtained by leaders in their fields through their capacity to think and knowledge acquired had been the criteria and acceptance by all had been the method of selection.
There had been no fixed term for any office and generally used to be lifetime. Persons who were given such an authority never behaved in fascist's way. In a family the eldest was considered as the most knowledgeable person and used to be the leader of the family. During olden days self experience and guidance by elders had been the basic or rather only methods of education for most of the families. Only a few children were allowed to attend schools (Ashram schools) run by a rishi for specialist training. Elders in a family believed in that when a child attains age of 16 should be treated as a friend. Hence, the system of heading a family by the eldest worked well. In public administration it had been the responsibility of a king. King had restrictions that he must get advice from experts, discuss with ministers and take decision. This may not be considered totally a democratic process but this had been the best solution while considering education facilities available at that time. There had been exceptions to this. However, it is said that no rule can be proved unless there are exceptions. There had been excellent spiritual atmosphere, belief in the god and people gave importance to helping others even facing losses themselves. They believed in famous 3 monkeys of Mahatma Gandhi. See good, hear good and speak good. In fact this is the Indian culture projected by Mahatma Gandhi through this example.
Due to foreign rule in India for nearly 1000 years, culture changed. People became more selfish and were always under tension. All systems changed. Leaders in every field became fascist. They preached "See what I Show, Hear what I Speak and Say what I tell you" In today's India election system has been adopted from westerners but democracy is lost. Leader in every field whether, political, social, business, private companies, government offices or whatever you name have become fascists. Leader claims and creates situation such that there is none except himself/herself who can make things profitable or at least bearable to common citizen. Leaders to day have forgotten that country had been there when they were not here and continue to be here even after when they leave. What the country needs is a continuous leadership navigating towards betterment. If they understand this democracy would return to India.

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