Monday, 28 March 2011

Should Lord Rama be the Idol of all Indians?

A large majority of Indians (Over 80%) consider Lord Rama as the god. In reality he cannot be the god. Maharshi (Great saint) divides people in 4 groups. First those who help others even at their own cost. Such This category is termed as Dev (The god). Second category is those who help others but not at their own cost. This category is labeled as Manav (Human beings). Third category is of persons who never help any one else but harm every one but never at their own cost. This category is Danav (Demon). Last category is or persons who harm others even at their own cost. They are named as Rakshas (Sorry I don't know equivalent English word). Ram had been in the fist category so was the god. He is worshiped by all because of his character and strength. A large population of Indian Muslims are misguided
by a few selfish pastors (Mullas and Maulavis) for their personal benefits and their incapability to understand religion. Usual doubts raised by them are as under:-
  1. A 500 year old Babri Masjid had been demolished by a staunch Hindutvavadi organisation in India.
  2. Immigration of Pandits (Hindus) in Kashmir was managed by Shri. Jagmohan, then governor of Jammu and Kashmir.
  3. In Kashmir valley 80000 Muslims were killed against a meagre figure of 200 Pandits.
  4. Security forces in Kashmir valley kill innocent Muslims and not terrorists.
  5. Eliminating terrorists is a god job done by the Government of India. The examples given are those who attacked parliament, temple in Ahmedabad, hotels in Mumbai etc.
  6. Even Hindus are terrorists. Example is given of Malegaon (near Mumbai) blast.

(a)                The first point is demolition of Babri Masjid. The question itself provides answer. Babri Masjid is 500 years old. Prior to that it was some thing else. Proof exists that there had been a temple prior to construction of a Masjid. This means when the temple was demolished it was found correct by Muslims. They find it wrong in demolishing a Masjid. Other side is Muslims theoretically hate idol worship. Babri Masjid is an idol demolished. If idol worship is wrong then why feel bad about it? A place for prayers can again be constructed. This can be far off from present location. It is seen that no Indian has objected to Masjid. There are millions of Masjids all over India. Babri Masjid is a specific Masjid constructed after demolishing a temple. The correct Muslim approach should be to honour Hindu sentiments and remove Masjid to pave way for constructing temple. Hindus are idol worshipers and their sentiments cannot be ignored. This is not because they have a majority but because it is related to their sentiments. Muslim sentiments play no roll because they claim that they are not idol worshipers, at least in theory.
(b)               Shri Jagmohan, then governor of J&K must have taken decision considering then situation in Kashmir valley. He found an easier solution. This can be considered as a wrong solution. Probably correct solution would have been provide protection in there own place. However logic says it could not have been practical. A large number of security forces would have been locked for this purpose. On the other hand Muslims should be asked why they could not protect Pandits. After all they are there brothers. They share same ancestors.
(c)                I have not checked these figures. Assume that these may not be exactly correct but the message is a large number of Muslims are killed in Kashmir valley compared to Pundits (Hindus). Firstly it should be understood that killings are by terrorists and all these terrorists are Muslims. Partially they are from neighbouring country and partially from the valley. It is not a secret that young boys from Kashmir valley are taken to neighbouring country for poisoning their minds against India, training, equipping them with necessary arms and ammunition with sole aim to spread disturbance in the Kashmir valley. Population of Muslims in Kashmir valley is many folds that of Pandits. Under such circumstances it is obvious that majority of persons killed in terrorists and anti-terrorists attacks would be Muslims. There could be a solution. The government of India should withdraw all troops from Jammu and Kashmir except from border. The state government should undertake responsibility of maintaining peace in the state. So far no state government from Jammu and Kashmir has proposed this. This means the state government is not capable of maintaining peace in the state. The other solution is Pakistan should agree to ensure no Pakistani and Pakistan trained terrorist enters not only in Jammu and Kashmir but the whole India. Under this agreement India should be given liberty to attack any place in Pakistan used for training and maintaining terrorists and destroy it. India should be given full liberty in locating such places.
(d)               In a war it is impossible for any one to differentiate with a terrorist and who is not terrorist. When a terrorist is surrounded by others even if the terrorist is aimed at, others also would suffer. Tangible solution is the peace loving people should filter all terrorists and ask for help from security forces.
(e)                This is one positive approach.
(f)                 Yes some of the Hindus are undertaking terrorist activities. The government is not ready to leave them and treating those more severely than Muslims.

There remains a big obstacle. Muslims consider a society of Muslims alone. Society is of group of people having similar aspirations, surroundings and obstacles. Religion (In reality there is only one religion in the entire universe. What we understand as a religion is the rules made by wise selfless persons who wanted to ensure all live in peace and the humans survive in the world. These rules are relative to time, place and society. Hence we understand there are many religions in the world) cannot be considered for defining a society. Location is more appropriate to define a society. Therefore, all Muslims must consider themselves as citizens of India first and them Muslims. While doing this if a conflict arises, Muslims must give priority to India rather than religion. This is not only true for Muslims alone but for all religions including Hindu, Christen, Shikh, Bauddh and other thousands of religions followed in India.

Lord Rama is a symbol of peace, good rule, security of all and prosperity. Every Indian barring a few believes in Rama. They have great respect and even against their mind they wish to follow Rama or at least expect others to follow Rama. Those who don't are ignorant and may the god forgive them.

Religion: Universal Brotherhood


Anonymous said...

as stated above that the hindus were also terrorist is a damn bullshit me protecting your house is not better look to pakisthan and bangladesh where hundreds of hindu temples are bought down by the government itself even if hindus create no problem there.muslims in our contry create so many problems and you think we should not act. only human rights are for muslims not for hindus.kashmiri pundits suffered,bangladeshi bengalis suffer,pakisthani hindus and sikhs suffer .try to make this a issue not malegaon blast or hyderabad blast.hindus is the most peaceful religion in the world .we indians are all over the world but we live in peace not like the muslims who create trouble whereever they are.

Akshara Baburaj said...

This is really a appreciable effort taken to prove that both Hindus and Muslims are equal to us...
Yes,Lord Rama should be the Idol of All Indians, be it Hindu, Christian or Muslim...
Try to respect all culture and every religion...
Together,the points highlighted here are interesting to read, and indeed a wonderful initiative...
Well Done
Good Luck...

Jana said...

@ Akshara Baburaj Thank you for your comment. You may see other articles also where in I have stated that Universal Religion is only ONE. It is in 2 parts. Vedanta and Smriti. This Thought is not my original but borrowed from Swami Vivekanda. I extend it further saying Bible, Quran are Smritis not religions. They are second part of Universal Religion. Smritis are written by selfless intelligent persons who have through knowledge of a society. The wrote these for people in a society at a particular place and time. They are not universal and eternal. Only Vedanta is universal and eternal.
You may express your opinion so that the contents could be improved.

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