Saturday, 26 March 2011

Is Nuclear Energy Safe for India?

The government of India is firm on development of power stations using nuclear energy. On the other hand local population is against such plants in their area. However, neither the government nor the people consider this from the point of view of inescapable necessity of power for development of the nation.

Considering energy need and demand of electrical power for development of nation is unavoidable. Growth and development does need power. This power should be pollution free and should not put certain group of people at disadvantage. This is similar to walking on a rope at height. However the energy is must and has to be generated. Scientists are of the opinion that nuclear energy creates the least pollution if proper care is taken. They further state that nuclear plants can be constructed to make them safe even in earthquake prone zone. Presently on Richter scale earth quake intensity equal to 6 is considered for design of power plant. This could be increased to 10 or 12. Scientists are confident that radiation from these plants is much less than which could produce ill effect on humans, animals and plants. They are confident that these plants can be designed for earthquake intensity of 12 on Richter scale. On the other hand people who have sketchy idea about mishaps in Chernobyl in Russia and recent accidents in Japan on account of Earthquake ant Tsunami do not accept that nuclear plants would be safe. People feel that at cost of those who stay in an area where nuclear plants are planned the rest of the people would get enough energy. This energy would take lives of those people and other would enjoy fruits. A solution must be found to ensure that people get safe energy plants for development of nation.

It cannot be denied that people in the location where plant is being planned would be loosers. They would have to surrender their land and find new ways to support themselves. They are there for a long long time and have developed some habits and accepted a way of living. This would change when they would be displaced. They would have to change not only place of living but would have to find new way of living and adopt a new life style. Considering this the government should find a solution. Solution lies in re-establishing these people in a new area with similar surroundings. These people should not be just paid for the piece of land acquired at present rate and left to their own fate. If they are left like this their fate would be dark. If scientist are doubly sure that there shall be no radiation mishap under any man made or natural calamities then the best way is to re-establish these people first and then establish nuclear power station.

This is not a big task for the government and people who get benefited also should contribute towards re-establishing such displaced people. This would ensure the project can proceed as per planning. In fact this procedure should be a routine for every project where people are displaced or have to surrender their land fully or partially.

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