Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A film story

Indians are film lovers. Many films give message and Indian do care for those messages. Some of the films have changed Indians. In my opinion this quality should be utilised  by film makes. There is no need to be afraid off that the film may not run for weeks. It can become a memorable film if it contains masala with message.
Usual masala liked by cine gores is a mixture of tough fights, miracles, dances, songs and some emotional scenes. These all could be combined in a film to give a message. For example there could be a group of college students who hate corruption. On completion of their studies they spend an evening together and take an oath to fight against corruption in whatever field they choose to work. Every one chooses his/her field (like armed forces, police, different Indian services, business, trading etc.). Most of them or rather all of them fail to fight against corruption. Some of them loose their lives. After a period of say 12 years they meet again and narrate their experience to others. All confess that it is impossible to fight corruption. However they think of meeting a social worker for advise. The social workers recommends that they form a political party and win elections on agenda of fighting against corruption. All of them accept the advise and prepare for election. During propaganda campaign they find almost every citizen is against corruption and if they could really provide an efficient corruption less government they would get elected. The results are declared and they find that the elections open a path for them for power and fight against corruption. They concentrate on modification of constitution, Taxes, Bank accounts, money transfer, denomination of currency notes (as given at Fruits appear in lesser time than expected and whole India is cleaned of corruption.

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