Thursday, 10 March 2011

Standardisation of Name System:

  What’s in a name? This question and its answer are familiar to all. However, every one accepts that a name given to a person decides his/her identity. There are many methods to identify a person with a name. This includes simple self name to longest system giving location name,
self name, father's name, caste and family name. Different systems do create a problem especially when a table is prepared for people in a group. For example if group consists of people from all over the globe meaning of first name, middle name and last name would be in a different style. There is a need to standardise this. I suggest person's first name should be his own, middle name should be first name of mother and last name should be first name of father. This system would give fairly simple system and easy to handle names in a group irrespective of size of group. If this is globally accepted then it would be easy for people to understand. This would give added advantage of not needing change in name of a female after marriage. Also names of both of the parents would give equality women and satisfy women supporters.
Further extension of this would be personal number for a person. In my opinion the number should include such digits that those would be easy for the person to remember and also give fair idea about location of the person. I suggest this number should start with zip or postal pin code as is relevant to location of a person. Next 8 digits should indicate birth date in UK system i. e. "ddmmyyyy". Last 4 digits should be for time of birth i. e. "mmss" This number can be easily remembered by a person and it would give fair idea about the person's birth location and age. This person's identity number would be Number of Digits in Location Code+12 i. e. 17 digits in USA and 18 digits in India.

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