Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Bharat Itihasratna and Bharat Santratna:

India has a great history of democratic rulers and saints. All those great people have contributed a lot to development of Bharat and guiding people not only during their time but even after their life. Their life, their work, their vision has helped us and is guiding us individually and collectively in our lives.
We need to remember them not for worshiping or garlanding once a year but worshiping their work, their vision, their advise every moment in our life.
In order to make it practical their work, their vision, their advice should be written in simple but impressive manner. Such a document shall inspire people and put up a hindrance to bad actions in the life of even thieves. The name of the book may be Bharat Itihasratna and Bharat Santratna. The government should take initiative and appeal to writers to submit books on all such inspirers. A committee of historians, politicians, social workers should select and publish a book. The book may not be published in one go but it should be in phases. These books should be in all Indian languages and made available to all educational institutes and libraries free of any charge.


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Thank you for your suggestion though. I have joined the site. You may provide a link of my page on the site you suggested. Thank you

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