Sunday, 10 April 2011

Effect of Fast unto Death by Honourable Shri Anna Hazare?

Indians are generally not corrupt. However, mostly they like to find a shortcut in every aspect of life. In finding shortcut and breaking rules there is tendency to accept corruption. In short if other is corrupt that person is hated by one and all and when it comes to self corruption all are found to be touchable.
Politicians and Babus are from the people so they can't be different. However, this doesn't mean corruption should continue unabated.
Honourable Shri Anna Hazare had been the only survivor of an attack in battle. After that incident he was totally changed and found his service to human is needed more elsewhere. He started from development of his village. During the process he found people do not get what is due to them without parting away some money to people in authority. This changed his life and as a first step he worked for "People's right to information". He succeeded in making the rulers to add "Right to information (RTI)" as right of every citizen. This act produced results and people found many irregularities in functioning of the government while dealing with people. However, this act alone cannot be successful in abating corruption. His attention then was focussed on "Lokpal Bill" waiting for approval by the government for 42 years. During his struggle to make life of a common man comfortable many joined him from all spheres of life. People like former Supreme Court judge, Supreme Court lawyer and RTI activists redrafted Lokpal Bill from people's consideration. This is available at Honourable Shri Anna Hazare staked his life for getting acceptance from the government public participation in drafting Lokpal Bill for submission to the parliament for adoption. This bill shall be a great deterrent to public servant and would reduce corruption. The only flaw I see is this is and effort to punish corrupt public servant. However there is no effort seen in keeping public servant away from corruption based on environment in which he/she works.
India needs a system which would allow honest people to work and not allow corrupt people to have their way. Time and again I would insist on creating atmosphere to avoid corruption while corrupt person is punished severely.
Honourable Shri Anna Hazare did succeed in making the government accept to include people from the citizens on the committee responsible for drafting Lokpal Bill. While drafting this bill I hope that major aspect i. e. 'avoiding corruption' is not forgotten.


Jana said...

From Surendra Singh Negi on facebook: Your wish is going to be fulfilled, let the Jan Lokpal Bill come and till that time please have patience. We have to ride a steady happy journey. Whatever improvements are required you can get it corrected. Taking a long jump in one instance may prove fatal. Can you do it alone ! You will have to take majorty with you especially when it is for their interests also. Thanks

Jana said...

From Padmanabhan Rajesh on FaceBook
@Jana Hitwadi now our people mostly are selfish, coward and looking quick bucks and not at all thinking and also lacks revolutionary spirits can be easily fooled. They also lacks trust among fellow beings. Such a society can be easily fooled and controlled by smart exploiters. They sponsor politicians offer people many things to get vote. Our people wont think too much. they fall in the trap and vote. After election, the sponsors along with the help of thugs,purchase bureaucrats, govt machinery, official system to persuade and compell the politicos to get their hidden agenda done. Those who poses threat to their agenda will be dealt with the help of govt machinery as well as goondas to silence the desperate isolated voices. So this sort of vicious cycle keep going on ...and on. May be these hidden giants, can say corporate biggies, foreign cos etc.. they are rich by exploiting the wealth of people and nation can easily silence the poor citizen or their representative with the help of their looted billions.
To solve this crisis first common people should understand real issues and raise above their present intellectual levels, mindset should support good people to be elected in Political parties. Unity of people like anna can create wonders. These hidden draculas needs to be identified, politicians are to be supported and helps them by giving votes everybodies support and monitor the exploiters and isolate and punish them collectively. So the mere mute spectator like attitude never break this vicious cycle but active involvement, protest and demands for good governance and close monitoring only can solve the issues to a great extent.

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